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Save time finding the right process server. We serve almost anywhere in Ontario! Choose Ontario Servers.

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Our team of Dresde process servers have many years of valuable process serving experience. We are all ready to serve your legal documents in Dresde, and make sure they get in the right hands.

Process Serving

Dresde Court Filing

If you need your Affidavit of Service filed in Dresde area after we serve your legal documents in Dresde. Our process servers in Dresde can file the Affidavit right after for an all-in-one process serving experience in the Dresde area.

Court Filing

Process Serving All Over Ontario

Ontario Servers can serve legal documents all over the province, not just in Dresde. Stop here for the only process serving company your office needs. Process serving by Ontario Servers.


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Our Dresde process servers approach every serve with preparation and confidence.
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Serving Rules

We serve by the book, you can be assured you will receive a law-abiding Affidavit of Service. Dresde process servers.
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We serve your legal documents in Dresde like they are our own papers.
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If you have any issues/concerns, contact us and we will help you with your needs.